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Brakes and Rotors

Here at Hubbell Auto Repair, we understand that the brake system is one of the most important safety systems in your vehicle. Because of this, keeping up with brake repairs and maintenance services is critical to your safety on the road. The brake system is comprised of many components, including brake pads, cylinders, drums, and rotors.  That is why fixing them often is so important.

Hubbell Auto repair brake job

Is it time for new Brakes/Rotors

If you notice any of the following symptoms with your brake system, your brakes may need servicing. Just bring your vehicle into Hubbell for our brake check, where we can investigate any underlying issues.

  • Vehicle is pulling to one side while applying the brake.

  • Brake pedal vibrates when applying the brake.

  • Brake pedal feels "spongy."

  • Noise or squeaking when applying the brake.

  • Frequent need to add brake fluid to the master cylinder.

Car Brakes Marion Iowa
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Our Brake/Rotor Check Includes

  • Road Test vehicle for proper brake operation.

  • Inspect and measure rotors and drums.

  • A visual inspection of the following:

    • Hydraulic System for leaks and condition.

    • Remove all wheels and inspect brake linings.

    • Check brake fluid for moisture and contamination.

    • Inspect master cylinder and cap.

    • Inspect calipers and wheel cylinders.

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