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Safe Driving Tips in Snow and Ice: Navigating Winter Roads

Winter driving in snow and ice can be challenging and sometimes hazardous. Knowing how to navigate these conditions is essential for your safety and the safety of others on the road. Here are some vital tips for safe driving in snowy and icy conditions. And remember, if you need help with your vehicle repairs in the Marion or Cedar Rapids area, don't hesitate to call us at (319) 377-6614.

1. Slow Down

This is the golden rule of winter driving. Reduce your speed to account for lower traction when driving on snow or ice. Slower speeds give you more time to react if something goes wrong.

2. Increase Following Distance

Under normal conditions, a three-second following distance is recommended. In snow and ice, increase this to eight to ten seconds. This extra space will give you more time to stop safely.

3. Gentle Maneuvers

Abrupt actions can cause your vehicle to lose traction. Accelerate, turn, and brake gently to maintain control of your vehicle and avoid skids.

4. Know Your Brakes

Whether you have antilock brakes or not, the best way to stop is threshold braking. Keep the heel of your foot on the floor and use the ball of your foot to apply firm, steady pressure on the brake pedal.

5. Don’t Stop if You Can Avoid It

It's much harder to get moving again once you've stopped on a snowy or icy road. Try to keep your vehicle moving, especially when approaching hills or busy intersections.

6. Stay Home

If the weather is severe, the safest strategy is to avoid driving altogether. No journey is worth risking your safety.

7. Clear Your Car Completely

Before setting out, remove ice and snow from your entire car, including windows, mirrors, lights, and the roof. This increases your visibility and prevents snow from flying off and endangering other drivers.

8. Use Lower Gears

Lower gears provide more traction and control, especially when climbing hills or driving on slippery roads.

9. Keep an Eye Out for Black Ice

Black ice is nearly invisible and extremely slippery. It's often found on bridges, overpasses, and shaded areas. Drive cautiously and be prepared for the possibility of encountering it.

10. Be Prepared with Supplies

Always have winter essentials in your car: a blanket, ice scraper, snow brush, flashlight, jumper cables, and some snacks and water.

Need Help? Call Us!

If your vehicle requires maintenance, or if you encounter any issues on the road this winter in the Marion or Cedar Rapids area, don’t hesitate to call us at (319) 377-6614. At Hubbell's

Winter Car Guide Cedar Rapids

we’re here to assist you with any vehicle-related needs to ensure your winter driving is as safe and smooth as possible.

Stay safe on the roads this winter. Your safety and vehicle reliability are our top priorities!

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