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Winterizing Your Vehicle: Essential Tips from Marion’s Auto Experts

Get your car winter-ready with expert advice from Hubbell's Auto Repair. Discover how to protect your vehicle from the harsh Marion, Iowa winter.

As the leaves in Marion start to don their fiery hues and the air gets crisper, it's a sure sign that winter is just around the corner. And with it comes the challenge of keeping your vehicle running smoothly in the face of freezing temperatures, icy roads, and snow. At Hubbell's Auto Repair, we know the importance of winterizing your vehicle, not just for the longevity of your car but for your safety too. That's why we've put together these essential tips to help you prepare for the colder months ahead.

1. Check Your Battery

Cold weather is tough on batteries. The last thing you want is to be left stranded with a dead battery in sub-zero temperatures. Our team at Hubbell's can test your battery to ensure it's holding a charge and in good health. If it’s time for a replacement, we can take care of that too, ensuring you have a reliable start on even the coldest of mornings.

2. Inspect Your Tires

Traction is critical when dealing with slippery winter roads. We recommend checking your tire pressure regularly, as it can decrease in colder weather. Consider switching to winter tires that offer better grip and are designed to perform when the thermometer dips below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. At Hubbell's, we can help you choose the best tires for your vehicle and driving habits.

3. Swap Out Wiper Blades and Refill Wiper Fluid

Visibility can make all the difference in winter driving. Replace worn wiper blades to fight off sleet and snow, and make sure your wiper fluid reservoir is full with freeze-resistant fluid. Stop by Hubbell's, and we'll get you set up with the right blades and fluids for your vehicle.

4. Get Your Brakes Checked

Our mechanics at Hubbell's know that stopping distances can increase significantly on icy roads. Don't take chances with worn brake pads or low brake fluid. Let us inspect your brakes and ensure that they are in top working order for the winter season.

5. Antifreeze is Key

The right antifreeze mixture is critical to prevent your engine from freezing. A 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water is usually recommended, but we at Hubbell's can check your vehicle manufacturer's guidelines and make sure your vehicle has what it needs.

6. Prepare an Emergency Kit

Even the best-prepared vehicle can run into trouble on winter roads. An emergency kit with blankets, a flashlight, a first-aid kit, a small shovel, and snacks can be a lifesaver. Hubbell's Auto Repair can help you assemble a comprehensive emergency kit tailored to winter conditions.

7. Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the foundation of a reliable vehicle, especially in winter. From oil changes to engine checks, we've got you covered. Let Hubbell's Auto Repair keep your vehicle in peak condition all year round.

Ready to Winterize Your Vehicle?

Don’t wait until the snow starts falling. Visit Hubbell's Auto Repair in Marion, Iowa, to get your vehicle winter-ready. Our experienced mechanics are dedicated to ensuring your safety and extending the life of your car through the harsh Midwestern winters.

Winter Driving tips Marion Iowa
Winter Driving tips Marion Iowa

Visit our main website to schedule an appointment or give us a call. We’re here to keep your winter journeys safe and reliable with professional care and expert advice.

Hubbell's Auto Repair: Your partners through the seasons. Because when it comes to winter, it's not just about starting your journey—it's about finishing it safely.

Hubbell's Auto Repair is a proud member of the Marion, Iowa community, providing trusted automotive services to our neighbors. This blog is intended for informational purposes only. Please consult with a professional mechanic for any specific concerns regarding your vehicle.

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