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5 questions you need to ask when choosing a mechanic

Choosing a mechanic: it’s a big decision, and it can be difficult to make. After all, there are dozens of auto shop options out there, and establishing a relationship with a new mechanic is a big deal. Fortunately, our team has a few tips to make the process easier. Let’s dive in.

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5 Questions to ask Your Local Mechanic

Interviewing a new mechanic? Here are a few questions to ask before you sign on the dotted line:

1. Have you worked on cars like mine before?

When you hire a new mechanic, it’s important to ensure they’ve worked on cars with a similar make and model to yours.

This is especially important if your car is foreign, or if you drive something like a diesel truck, which will require special maintenance.

Making sure the mechanic you choose is experienced with cars like yours is one of the best ways to guarantee a good experience.

2. Do you offer free estimates?

When you visit a new mechanic, you should be able to get an estimate for services without paying out of pocket. As you interview a new mechanic, make sure you ask about their estimate process.

It’s recommended to get the estimate in writing with a clear understanding that once the repairs begin if anything else is discovered, you’ll get a call to approve any additional repairs & expenses before it’s started.

We feel it’s important to note here: Estimates are just that, estimates. There are times more is going on with a vehicle that may need attention and can’t be known by the mechanic until they get under the hood. Giving complete information when you bring your vehicle in is very helpful, as is developing trust with your mechanic that they will give you their best advice and service.

3. Do you provide a warranty for parts and services?

No matter how experienced a mechanic is, parts are imperfect. So what happens if the mechanic puts a part in your car that fails? Most reputable repair shops deal with this “what if” by providing written guarantees on parts and labor – up to a certain time limit. Some shops also go by mileage.

For example, a repair shop may guarantee a 1 year/12,000-mile warranty on a part, or offer discounted replacement parts, if you find you need them. Be sure to ask your repair shop about their warranty policies.

4. How do you handle unexpected expenses?

Consider this: you took your car to the mechanic for some engine repair. You agreed on the price and the timeline and walked away happy. When they open the hood, though, they discover a cracked hose that needs to be repaired, too.

What do they do?

Knowing the answer to this question can mean the difference between paying for work you agreed on, and walking into the shop to discover an unexpected bill that’s much higher than what you agreed to pay. Be sure to ask in advance how your mechanic will handle surprise repair bills.

5. How long have you been in business?

Good mechanics are experienced mechanics. Before you move forward with any auto shop, ask how long they’ve been in business. This will be an important factor when choosing a mechanic.

The best shops have a long track record of success, lots of great customer reviews (Google or Facebook are great places to read a shop’s reviews), and plenty of experience to back up their claims. These shops pride themselves on building relationships with their customers and going above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction.

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