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Don't ignore those warning lights!

Your vehicle dashboard lights are there for a purpose. They are warning lights meant to indicate when something in your vehicle is not as it should be. As a vehicle owner, it is your responsibility to address the issue immediately.

Here are some vehicle emergency lights that you should not ignore:

ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) Warning Lights and Brake Fluid Indicators

Brakes are a life-saving vehicle component. Ensuring that they are in good condition is paramount to your safety.

If the ABS or warning light is on, then it is an indication that there is something wrong with the ABS mechanism. In specific, it could be an issue with the mechanism that stops your vehicle wheels from getting locked. Applying brakes in such a condition can cause the wheels to skid.

If the Brake Fluid light is on, then it could indicate a low brake fluid level, brake pad issues, or a damaged sensor.

Check Engine Light

If the Check Engine Light is on, then it could indicate anything from serious engine issues to a wobbly gas cap. Ignoring the engine light and its associated issue can worsen the damage over time, necessitating expensive repair.

A temporary cause such as a loose gas cap may settle after some time, and the engine light will go off automatically. But if the engine light is on due to engine issues, a faulty oxygen sensor, or emission problems, then expert intervention is necessary.

Engine Temperature Light

Also called the Thermometer Light, the Temperature Light is an indication that your engine is overheating. If you see the Temperature Light on, then stop your car at a safe place and turn off the engine. If you continue operating the vehicle with an overheated engine, it can cause serious damage to the vehicle, requiring an expensive repair.

You can avoid costly vehicle damages and safety issues by heeding to these warning lights early. We have factory-trained experts that can identify and resolve issues quicker and with great efficiency.

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