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What Should Be on Your Car Maintenance Checklist?

A good maintenance schedule for your car requires knowledge and a reinforced habit. A car maintenance checklist will help with both.

Create a System for Car Maintenance That Suits You

Create a personal car maintenance checklist that will be the most helpful for you. It could be a Google spreadsheet or an index card — whatever works for you.

Your checklist should include monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance items. Keep in mind that maintenance frequency depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations and how you use the vehicle. Off-road driving warrants more frequent tire checks, for example, and the oil needs to be changed more often when you’re putting a lot of miles on the car.

Here’s a list of car maintenance checklist basics in the three categories:

Monthly Car Maintenance

  • Check the oil level

  • Check the coolant level

  • Check the brake fluid level

  • Check and clean wiper blades

  • Check the windshield washer fluid

  • Check the headlights on bright and dim

  • Check the tire pressure, tread, and condition

Quarterly Car Maintenance

  • Change the oil

  • Change the oil filter

  • Inspect the fan belt

  • Inspect the hoses for cracks

  • Check the battery and cables

  • Check the power steering fluid

  • Change the automatic transmission fluid

  • Annual Car Maintenance

Annual Car Maintenance

  • Flush the coolant

  • Check the spark plugs

  • Change air cabin filter

  • Change engine air filter

  • Lubricate doors and hinges

  • Check brakes and wheel bearings

  • Inspect steering and suspension

Hubbell Auto Repair Maintenance

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